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Some people are really into movies. Others are really into cooking. Still others are really into knowing every unnecessary detail of minor political figures’ lives. For your part, your guilty pleasure is being a cute mascot character’s devoted fan. And there’s nothing wrong with that! 

So what if you spend your disposable income on stuffed toys and scented erasers? So what if you attend mascot conventions whose target audience is aged 12 and below? You never know what sorts of people you might meet there, after all!

Join our protagonist on her riveting journey of money wasting, emotional turmoil and awkward romance! 









Full version currently in development, coming soon!




100% FREE (all donations will go to potential steam release)


Please anticipate it!



100% FREE (all donations will go to potential steam release)

WRITING: jiong

favourite mascot: rilakkuma



favourite mascot: tokage

Hi! I hope you enjoy this game!! If you like my illustrations, check out my main project STAND BY ME :^)

1. Which character did you like best?

2. Did you manage to unlock the post-credits scene?

3.  Your favourite scene/ moment in the game?

4. Would you like to see more of any particular side character/ is there any other content you'd like us to add or improve on?

5. Anything else you'd like to ask or tell us!

We'd love to hear from you in the comments! 


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Came back to replay this game- It's honestly a comforting game to play, and the visuals are so cute!

I really like Vivian so far and can't wait to play his and Nico's route       (つ✧ω✧)つ Hopefully some Jun and Miles screentime awaits us Also curious to know the lore of the blonde guy at the convention, (unless I missed something idk lol)

Anyways, hope we get to see an update from you guys soon!! We all are excited to play the full game. 

Keep up the good work you guys! (But don't work too hard (っ˘з(˘⌣˘ ) ♡ 


this game was so funny and cute I'm in love!! 10/10, would recommend.


waiting for an update killing me


I love your game, it's got incredibly wonderful vibes to it, and all of the characters are easy to get along with + have their own unique personalities that make them stand out from one another.

Do you perhaps know when the next update will be coming, or rather, when Nico's route will become available? He's by far my favourite of the current 3 love interests, and I was a little disheartened to find his route unavailable at the end of my playthrough.

Don't rush though! It's a great game, and I want it to be perfect by the time it's done!


did this game get discontinued?


Honestly I've been wondering that too, because I can't find any new updates on this anywhere.

Deleted 196 days ago


I checked their Twitter, and they replied to someone with the same question as you;

"Hello! Thanks very much for reaching out, we’re very grateful! Our game is definitely still in development, but we can’t give a firm release date for the next two routes yet. Hope this helps!"

So, in short, yes! It's still in development! It'll just take a while for the next update to be released.

This response from them was posted on March 21st, so I imagine the next update will release soon, though that's just my speculation.

Hope this helped anyone looking for the same answer!


Replaying this again and wow. I love the art, the writing, the comedy, the GUI design, and the music. It's rare for me as someone who likes visual novels. Still one of my favorites.


i utterly adore this game, i'm playing it again for maybe the third time now! are there any updates? even if the project's discontinued now, i really wanted to thank you for the amazing experience of Robin's route!!


Hiya! I contacted the Studio via Twitter privately in 2022, and the creators told me they were going to work on the other routes back then, but their life was just super busy and the creators themselves I think had an issue they were trying to sort out personally and privately, so it was really hard for them to even get some type of progress on this project.

I apologize to the creators if they're reading this if I got some information wrong, I don't completely remember exactly what they said since I don't have that Twitter account anymore, but I remember finishing reading that message and being like "welp I don't think they're going to come back anytime soon qwq"

Agh I really hope they do though! This game has lived in my head 24/7 ever since I played it and I wish I could play it for the first time again, and I want to play Vivian's route too! This game healed me and I really am going to be delusional here and just hope for the best and wait for the studio. 

Hope this helped!

I love the aethetics sooo cute! especially how this page looks


About How long does it take to finish the game?


I love this! Can't wait to play Nico route


The art style looks so cute!! I just wish there was a male mc option

(1 edit)

aaaa this was so so cute !!! i really loved everything about it and the little easter eggs and tidbits were a great treat ʚ(。˃ ᵕ ˂ )ɞ i really really enjoyed everything about this !! the art was beautiful, i love every single one of the characters with my whole heart, and the writing was both adorable and really funny !! i was all smiles playing through it thank you very much for your hard work !! (づ ᴗ _ᴗ)づ♡

words can't express how much i loved this JSHDJS its so well made and fluffy I'll be replaying so many times ( ´͈ ᗨ `͈ ) robin's route was incredibly enjoyable i love him so much !!! i really like the pov switches too added even more fluffiness which i didn't even know was possible !! I'm really looking forward to nico and vivian's routes ! again thank u very much for this adorable soul healing game ⸜(。˃ ᵕ ˂ )⸝♡

ohmigoddddddddd this game is so cute!! i love the realistic display of anxiety and awkwardness, and the characters are so funny and sweet!! the ui, the dialogue, i love it all so much! keep up the good work, can't wait for nico and vivian's routes, take ur time!!! <3 best wishes 4 u guys, good job :)

Absolutely adorable. I love it so much, reallllly want Vivian and Nico's routes!!! I LOVE THIS GAME

i love this game! the design is so cute, the story is LITERALLY AMAZING. 

 great job dev <33

this will forever remain my favourite game. i love the romance and the comedy SO MUCH! and i love how they're equally proportioned! can't wait for the other routes <3

This was such an enjoyable game!!! Robin is so sweet and I'm looking foward for the future routes!

Also, any chance of making the Coco stickers available for download? I love them LOL

I haven't gotten all the Robin endings but I'm so in love with this game. Major props to Jiong for the dialogue and everyone in the music team who made the gorgeous backing track for each scene. It was so raw and sweet and I love fleshed out Maya got to be, not a lot of otomes that actually give their FL fears and incredibly relatable, sincere monologues about them. <3

1. Which character did you like best?

Of the three options, Nico 100%. I gave him a Boston accent and I loved every line of his. The tsun, the being annoyed but humoring you anyway, and also his design. But I really have to give it to Maya.  Her writing vent shot me in the heart, and speaking of-

3.  Your favourite scene/ moment in the game?

-that was absolutely my favorite scene in the game. Her rambling, the entirely realistic fear/anxiety that she had about it (I relate so much to it), and Robin's sweet response to her being upset, the inner monologue of that scene was heartwarming as well as heart wrenching. As a ball of social anxiety every all-caps thought was hilariously familiar. 

Also, her and Robin's individual scenes where they realized they loved each other. The conversation Maya had with Faye sits in my heart. It was just so cute and sweet, and I loved how you could see as viewer Maya just slowly getting more and more down bad for Robin as the internal monologue went on.

2. Did you manage to unlock the post-credits scene?

I haven't but I did like how, even though I got the achievement for the best ending with the rooftop scene, there was, what felt like, an epilogue afterwards. And it was sweet beyond words. Normally, otomes skip the other relationship milestones a couple can have; it's like a slingshot from dating to married, so the fact that Robin asked her to move in together was so welcomely unexpected and delightful. I loved it so much.

4. Would you like to see more of any particular side character/ is there any other content you'd like us to add or improve on?

I love girl time with Faye, and also, I absolutely need an entire section dedicated to her swiping for matches on Tinder that isn't just Nico. That section was hilarious.

5. Anything else you'd like to ask or tell us!

I enjoyed this experience so much. I'm super looking forward to Nico and Vivian's routes! Especially after that brother-not-brother conversation we had with Viv after the A5 steak scene. You guys are doing an amazing job <333


Usually I don't comment BUT THIS IS AMAZING. I can't wait for the other routes!!!

(However, don't put a lot of pressure in you guys!! Take your time, We will wait patiently!!💕)

Thank you so much for your kind comment and your patience! We will do our best!


I cant wait for Nico's route!

We're glad you like him, we'll do our best~


i love this game so much. i came back to do a review bc it was just too good to not. like its just everything ive ever wanted. you guys r too talented! this was so funny and lighthearted and relatable!! i couldnt have adored maya and all the characters more and i enjoyed every second!! 

1. Which character did you like best?

prob mc and robin, maya is just so genuinely relatable and funny! i loved her so much and the DIALOGUE. actually had me laughing out loud the whole time!! And ROBIN and that ROUTE. just. UGH. so good!! it was so fun and sweet and had me squealing way too much. i just cant with how much i adore him like his inner thoughts were so hilarious and it was so cute how he's so socially awkward but then also has that cool work mode and i just love him so much he's so precious like literally props for making such a lovable character. 

2. Did you manage to unlock the post-credits scene?

yes. and it was everything.

3.  Your favourite scene/ moment in the game?

omg thats such a hard one pretty much every scene tbh. i played it a little bit ago so i might be kinda foggy, but i guess for me when robin shows up at her door and confesses and i was just so proud of him knowing how he struggles with that kind of thing, and when she says it back and they kiss. like. u guys r magicians or something bc that moment was MAGICAL. and so perfectly THEM.  literally reduced me to tears 

4. Would you like to see more of any particular side character/ is there any other content you'd like us to add or improve on?

YES. please give us miles. like i'm begging hes too beautiful (and jun too, he so fine and deserves a reward for his wingman sevices)

5. Anything else you'd like to ask or tell us!

just to thank you so much for how much hard work you put into creating this incredible game!! the story, the music and the art were all just so amazing. And also for sharing it with us!! and on another note, i played this when i was kind of at a low point in my life, and it brought me so much joy and comfort. so ty for that as well! 

WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH AS WELL!!! It puts such big smiles on our faces to know that you enjoyed the game and liked the characters- YOU are the magician for making us smile like idiots!!!! We're especially happy to know that we were able to contribute positively to your life even if only just a little bit. Please know that we (and the cast ofc) are rooting for you, and we hope that you're feeling better! 

PS stay tuned for more side characters in the coming routes...... :) 

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youR telling me Altair isnt a route crying on the floor rn T-T


Hello, you can more from Altair find when you play the Game "Stand by me"  from fish attic games. Have fun!



the art is so adorable, and all the characters are so pretty! i especially love nico<3 i can't wait for his route!

We will do our best <3 please anticipate it!


I can't wait <3


i love this game it made me smile and all the characters look really cute ^^

We're happy you liked it!


the game is in spanish ૮• - •ა?

No, it´s English.

Apologies, we only have English right now!


guys do you have an update on when the full game will be released :( i miss you ;((


Hello!! We're so sorry for this late response- as of now we are a little busy with IRL events, but we're definitely trying to work on the game! You can follow us on Twitter for more updates, but in any case thank you so much for waiting!!


I finished Robin route but i could not hear the music during im playing.

You can toggle the music volume through the "preferences" tab!

yes now i know, thank you.


made an account just 2 say this is soo good!!! i played this a while ago but i kept coming back to it and i can't wait for the new updates

i love the jokes and i love coco 


We're honoured, and we'll do our best!!


I'm a simple woman. I see a boy with eyebags and play.

As u should


Is this game still being worked on? I havent seen an update for it in forever and i really love the game :)

Hello! We're so sorry for the lack of updates recently- we most certainly still intend to finish the game, but real life has gotten in the way recently </3 you can follow us on Twitter for more updates, but thank you for your support until now!


ive gotten everything but robin achivemnet 3 or however u spell  it... help please lol

Hello! You can refer to our walkthrough for hints on the available achievements!


i honestly rlly liked this game it was so fun

We're glad you enjoyed it!

(1 edit) (+1)

this was the best honestly like not what I expected it was so (truly) funny and relateable and cute and with very nice artwork 10/10

(in all seriousness, your efforts paid off, it truly is among the best VN's I've played !!)

Thank you so much! We're honoured!


THIS GAME IS SO CUTE AHHHH. i adore robin and vivian. i need more miles tho LOL



Such a cute game! I really enjoyed it ~

I can't see any progress updates for 2022. Is this game still being developed? I can't wait to read more ^_^

Hello! Not to worry, we are still here! Progress is slow recently due to some IRL events, but we're definitely trying to finish the game at some point. You can follow us on Twitter for more updates- thank you for your patience and support until now!


Such an adorable game! It's really sweet and light, and can make you get your mind off things. 

I love Maya! She's a character that I think most people can relate to, me included. 

Honestly, I can't even decide my favorite LI yet because I like the three of them. Can't wait to play the rest of the routes! 

The best part of the game for me is definitely the comedy and sense of humor. The awkward moments and Maya's interactions with the guys made me laugh a lot! 

I'll definitely be waiting for the other routes to come out and be sure to enjoy all of them! 


Thank you so much!! We're glad that we were able to make you laugh :-) 


its really hard to pick a favourite theyre all so loveable i'm between robin and nico so i cant wait till nicos routes released! love this game so much !

Thank you! We'll do our best for the future routes!

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This game is so cute, I love everyone, they're all so adorable, I want them, so please take your time, because this story is so good.

My favorite character gotta be Coco, like Coco just be the best.

But that Altair guy, and Jun, these characters are just so pretty, I wanna see more of him, but I have yet to play again, i've only finished Robin's route he's so cute.






YAYAYA cant wait!!!

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